Elbow Pain Treatment

We often put huge amounts of strain on this joint by doing small delicate movements over a long period of time like working on the computer. Long hours of typing, using a computer mouse and driving will tighten the muscles around the elbow. Eventually this will cause inflammation in the tendons leading to elbow tendonitis. Another more common way to start having elbow pain is large fast movements in a short period of time like playing sports. Intense sporting activity causes small tears in the elbows tendons leading to a sharp painful response after years of wear and tear. Either way you receive this injury, elbow pain is often are related to the tendons surrounding the joint.

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Elbow pain is one of the most common joint pain problems in the body due to its high frequency of use in our daily and extracurricular activities

A common pain that people come to my office for is tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. This condition will often start out small and slowly progresses to higher intensity over time and use. The pain can also come on suddenly from intense sports or injury. Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) can make normal movement like shaking hands or squeezing something painful.  Once the pain starts it can worse very fast with normal activities like brushing your teeth, driving…etc.  Tennis elbow most often happens for people aged 30-50 years old.  This condition will often start on the outside of the elbow but if left untreated can move all the way down to the hands.  Once this level has been reached, simple things like turning a key to unlock a door become frustrating and painful.

Fixing elbow pain takes specific muscle and tendon breakdown therapies. Maple Chiropractic Vietnam’s licensed therapists are trained in our special MMT (Maple Muscle Therapy). This technique is the most efficient way to break down injured muscle and tendonitis, which will relieve your elbow pain quickly.  The best thing about this therapy is you can still be active and play your favorite sports during the therapy process.

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Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s doctors of Chiropractic have been specifically trained in Sports Medicine to deal with elbow pain injuries

Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s doctors of Chiropractic have been specifically trained in Sports Medicine to deal with elbow pain injuries. While working with professional athletes in Los Angeles Dr. Dalfonso has developed specific protocols of Chiropractic adjustments and myfofascial muscle therapies that will loosen the painful tendons and joints. This will restore proper motion and get you back to being active quickly.

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