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Low Back Pain And Sciatica Treatment With Acupuncture In Vietnam

A range of back pain from minor to severe pain in the area of the low back is called lumbar spine “Sciatica”, “lumbago” or “lumbar spine syndrome”.

Low Back Pain And Sciatica Treatment With Acupuncture In Vietnam
Low Back Pain And Sciatica Treatment With Acupuncture In Vietnam

Causes of Low Back Pain

This problem relates to pain localized between the hips and ribs. The pain is usually linked with muscle tension and reduction in mobility. If the pain radiates into the buttock or leg it’s called sciatica pain. In essence these types of pain are associated with the sciatic nerve.  This is the biggest nerve in human body, which comes from both side of lower spine and goes through the pelvis and buttocks. If pressure or irritation is put on the nerve, it results in very uncomfortable pain in form of a mild to severe ache, burning sensation, numbness, weakness and tingling.

Over time low back pain can develop into a vicious cycle – these pains will begin to happen chronically causing patients to lean forward in a relieving posture and decrease range of motion. This therefore reduces the performance and durability of the muscle and skeletal systems, which causes  persistent and intense pain.

Some aspects which may increase these lower back or sciatica pains are:

  • Persistent overloading of the joint
  • Depressive moods, pessimism and dissatisfaction
  • Either sitting and standing for long periods on a daily basis
  • Incorrect exercise habits
  • Psychological factors

Treatment options

Treatment options
Treatment options

For these particular types of pains, Maple Vietnam's Acupuncture techniques interrupt this vicious cycle through a stimulus in acupuncture points which induces better blood circulation for the over stressed body tissues.  In turn, lessening pain, releasing tension and gives an analgesic endorphin releasing effect,  promoting a relaxed state and accelerating regeneration.  As a result, clients experience improved mobility and a better overall feeling of health.

Acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy and blood. Stagnant energy and blood causes pain and tension. Through the needling of local and far points, this allows for a smooth flow of energy and blood when this occurs together in harmony with the Yin and Yang.  After treatment the feeling of relaxation takes over your body, which reduces stress and creates inner balance.

Maple Vietnam acupuncturists will help you to re-balance these two opposites (Yin & Yang) not only in your body, but also in your everyday life. One important aspect which helps to prevent risk factors and causes of low back pain is balance between work and rest.  Overworked, distressed and restless people are likely to get back pain.

After the vicious cycle has been prevented, the pain is significantly reduced or eliminated and you can go with ease about your everyday life.  However, stay in balance and do not roll back into same old habits that led you to low back pain or sciatica pain in the first place.

What can I do to prevent back pain or to support the cure of this unpleasant ache?

  • Body weight - every kilo is loaded the back and joints, so you should avoid obesity and maintain a healthy
  • Exercise and Sports - supports mobility and strengthen the muscles of your abdomen and back, that provides stability.
  • Move – anyone who sits a lot should stand up, walk and stretch more often.
  • Relax – stress and mental tension affect the back negatively.
  • Proper footwear - tight shoes, insufficient insoles or high heels hurt the spine.

Maple Healthcare Vietnam has the most skilled foreign acupuncture doctors available and strives to keep a sterile safe environment to heal all your back pain needs.  Please ask for a free consultation today.

District 2 Clinic: No. 19 Dang Huu Pho, Thao Dien Ward, District 2. Phone: 0938 646 112

District 3 Clinic: 107B Truong Dinh, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3. Phone: 0932 055 088

District 7 Clinic: 2-4 Hung Gia 1 Inner Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7. Phone: 0705 100 100

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