Maple Vietnam Chiropractic Physiotherapy Treatment

Chiropractic Physiotherapy treatment is based on the approach of looking at the whole body and a person’s lifestyle to figure out why they have pain and what how best results will be found for each individual person. Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Physiotherapy treatment can help patients with back pain, sudden injuries, long term medical conditions, sports injury or preparing for child birth.

What is Chiropractic Physiotherapy Treatment?

There are 2 forms of Chiropractic Physiotherapy treatment:

  • Passive therapy:  This type of Chiropractic Physiotherapy treatment involves the use of modalities where the treatment is done often with machines and technology such as heating pads, muscle stimulation, ultrasound and decompression.  These therapies can be used on the muscles and joints to relieve tension and relax the joints to allow the Chiropractic doctor to perform a much more comfortable and relaxed adjustment.Maple Vietnam Physiotherapy 1

Ultrasound – one of physiotherapy technique at Maple Healthcare.

  • Active Physiotherapy: This therapy focuses more on exercises and active stretches performed by a licensed therapist.  It can be done with the levels of an easy stretch to intense muscle break down.

Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s Chiropractic Physiotherapy treatment department uses top of the line technology from Europe to give our patients the best pain relief possible. The practice of physiotherapy is the use of electrotherapy (muscle stem, ultrasound, decompression, vibration) and specific muscle stretching and strengthening techniques to restore posture and relieve pressure on the spines, joints and muscles.

Maple Vietnam’s licensed therapists are experts at evaluating all levels of pain and muscle strength to find the exact areas that need to be worked on. This type of therapy is safe for people of all ages and conditions. There are no side effects and it only helps the body to get stronger. Maple Physiotherapists are able to work with the toughest muscle pain cases and facilitate recovery while still allowing you to work and also keep participating in your favorite activities.

Maple Vietnam Physiotherapy 3

Specific muscle stretching and strengthening techniques to restore posture and relieve pressure on the spines, joints and muscles.

Joint pain can be caused by of many different problems, including:

  • Improper posture
  • Genetic joint conditions
  • Bending and twisting in an abnormal position
  • Stretching too far
  • Standing for too long
  • Lifting injuries or bad lifting posture
  • Sports injuries

Sports medicine and therapy is also a large part of Maple Vietnam’s Chiropractic Physiotherapy Treatment department. We see everyone from professional athletes to children just learning to play or the normal weekend sports enthusiast. Whatever your level of activity we can keep you playing at your best and even improve your abilities by making sure your body is fully balanced and in your best condition.

Maple Vietnam Physiotherapy 2

Sports medicine and therapy is also a large part of Maple Vietnam’s Physiotherapy.

Chiropractic Physiotherapy Treatment Before and After Surgery

There is evidence to support the use of Chiropractic Physiotherapy treatment and exercise before and after all joint related surgeries.  Building strength and stability can significantly improve the results and shorten the time of all recovering injuries involved in surgery.  This is because patients are more likely to recover when they are in optimum physical condition.

Maple Chiropractic Physiotherapy Treatment Vietnam can help you feel your best and keep you that way. Please feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation and start feeling better today. We are conveniently located in Phu My Hung across the street from FV Hospital

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