What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain is well known as a moderate to extreme pain down the back of the hips and legs. Chiropractic is a specialized form of physical medicine that uses many different forms of therapy and techniques to treat sciatica pain. 

Sciatica pain will often start somewhere in the lower back but it triggers an intense reaction from the Sciatic nerve located in the lower hip.  The nerves pain will often reach from the buttock muscle down to the lower calf.  This pain is often referred to as radiating pain by doctors.  Its normally felt on one side and the pain can be unbearable almost like a bad tooth that hurts with every step.Sciatica Maple Vietnam 2

Sciatica will often start from an intense reaction from the Sciatic nerve located in the lower hip.

What causes Sciatica Pain?

Often the most common cause of sciatica pain is a lower back problem, most likely a herniated or bulging disc.  A herniation happens when there is a tearing or small hole developing in the disc and it begins to bulge into the area of the spinal nerves.  This pressure on the nerves will irritate the large sciatic nerve and cause it to send the feelings of muscle spasms, burning, tingling, pain and other symptoms down the leg.Sciatica Maple Vietnam 1

How do you know if you have Sciatica Pain?

Certain symptoms or a combination of them will lead you to the diagnosis of sciatic pain:

  • Pain on one side of the hips and legs that often doesn’t stop (rarely it’s on both sides, but it does happen)
  • The pain increases in a sitting position
  • The pain feels like a burning, hot or prickly feeling
  • Weak muscles in the legs and feet
  • An intense sharp pain while standing or walking

How can Chiropractic Care Help?

The first thing a Chiropractor will do to help, is to evaluate the spine, to see where the imbalances and compression starts.  This can be done using EMG, X-ray or Mri films but also they have their own set of special tests to see what position the spinal joints are in.

A Chiropractic specialist will then adjust the spine and other joints into a more ideal position and free up movement in frozen vertebrae allowing proper movement.  Relief is felt almost instantly and will decrease the pressure on the sciatic nerve to restore proper function to the injured leg.  Once the patient begins walking normally again the body will regain its equilibrium and stride.

Sciatica Maple Vietnam 3

Chiropractor adjusts the spine and other joints into a more ideal position and free up movement in frozen vertebrae allowing proper movement.

Common Causes of Sciatica Pain in Vietnam:

In Vietnam there are many reason for getting back pain that are seen consistently in my office.  These are normally related to sitting in a forward leaning posture for long periods of time.

  • Bad work posture and many hours at the computer.
  • Holding Squatting position for long periods of time. This is a very common position for people is Southeast Asia.  Many people in Vietnam do normal daily activities while in this position.
  • Riding motor bikes regularly can also cause extreme pressure in the lower spine and nerves. Leaning forward over many bumps and other high impacts can cause damage to the spinal joints.

Small chairs and stools like the ones used at many restaurants in Vietnam cause an increase in spinal pressure.  Because of the size of the chairs it forces you into a bent over position for long periods and increases pressure in the discs of the spine.

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