How Does Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy Back Pain?

First things first…..Congratulations on becoming pregnant!! This is an amazing time for you I’m sure.

Pregnancy is one of a woman’s most important reasons to stay in good health for themselves and their unborn child. This is why Chiropractic care is essential for your pregnancy back pain. After conception a woman’s body changes drastically. Some changes are easy to see like a growing belly or change in posture, but others are not so easy to see.

Those countless number of changes are all made possible and arranged by the central nervous system. During this time, it is more important than ever that nervous system is able to communicate properly through a healthy functioning spine.

Changes in body structure happen when the increase in belly weight begins the pull the low back and hips forward. Then to balance the weight the mid-back pulls back farther and the head moves forward. This new position produces pressure points in the neck and lower back. Often the muscles will begin to work harder and get fatigued quickly. Over time, the pains will often get more intense and move tension into the hips and legs. Low back pain from pregnancy is a serious problem because it will limit your ability to do normal daily activities until the end of pregnancy.

Establishing a properly balanced pelvis during pregnancy is also one more reason to see a Chiropractor. When there are imbalances in the pelvis, it may reduce the room available in the mothers belly for the developing baby. This also can make it difficult for your baby to get into a proper position during birth, possibly leading to birth injuries.

Chiropractic care for pregnancy back pain is a gentle and very safe way to reduce back pain and support a normal birthing process. Seeing a Chiropractor can help a woman become pregnant, maintain a healthy pregnancy, deliver at full term with ease and give birth to a healthier child.

Why you should see a Chiropractor for pregnancy back pain:
  • Relieve pain in the hips legs and back.
  • Relieve pain while lying on your side
  • Reduce the pregnancy “waddle”
  • Improve pelvic balance to ease the birthing process
  • Reduce symptoms of nausea
  • Reduce labor and delivery time

If you have any concerns about your pregnancy and need advice on how to reduce pain of pregnancy symptoms, please stop by Maple Healthcare Vietnam for a complimentary consultation with one of Maple’s highly trained Chiropractors. You will feel relieved knowing that you and your child are in good hands.


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