Neck Pain And Tension Treatment With Acupuncture In Vietnam

Causes of neck pain

Modern lifestyles include many activities that incidentally create a great deal of pressure our neck such as prolongedly working in front of a computer, using smartphone with forward head posture, etc. Oftentimes, we do not even realize how much negative pressure is built up on our body by our everyday routine and lifestyle. We do not comprehend, how those long office hours next to computer screens or hours behind the wheel, is loading a tremendous amount of tension in our neck, shoulder and back. Tension is one of the most common causes for Insomnia, persistent fatigue and acute or chronic headaches. It in general leads to adverse effects on well-being, since the flow of energy is blocked.

Only when those unpleasant pulling and burning sensations in our neck appear, do we actually start to realize the amount our pressure our neck is receiving. Most likely, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Consequently, our muscles get tighter, tense and extremely painful against the pressure on particular points.  These pains might force us to develop incorrect posture, what actually just further solidifies the pain and the vicious circle begins.

On top of that, stress can greatly contribute to pain, shattering overall balance and order. Eventually all this can even lead to conditions such as acute torticollis (stiff neck), which may incapacitate us for some considerable periods.

Obviously, there are many different influences when it comes to neck pain. Very rarely this kind of pain comes from vitally serious cause.  Some of the most common causes for neck pain are:

  • Over strained and tensed muscles
  • Incorrect body postures
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Stress and Depression
  • Degeneration or injuries of the musculoskeletal system

Neck pain treatment Maple Acupuncture VietnamConsidering modern lifestyles, it is no wonder that neck pain has been a health concern that affects people of all ages in Vietnam

Best treatment options – Acupuncture

The main importance when it comes to neck pain is release of the tension that is built up. There is handful of options for eliminating these muscle problems, at Maple Healthcare Vietnam, we put focus on natural, effective approach – Acupuncture.

The aim of this treatment is to restore energy balance in the body thus keeping it healthy. Procedure itself consists of needle insertion in specific acupuncture points in your body, which then encourages natural healing.

Maple Vietnam’s Acupuncture treatments one of the best, natural remedies for tense, painful shoulder and neck muscles. It is based on the wisdom of ancient oriental medicine. Unlike in western world, where value is put on a pharmaceutical biochemical approach with focus on individual organ disorders, acupuncture has different, more holistic approach.

The whole idea behind acupuncture is that disease is perceived as a disturbance of the energy flow. Therefore, it is an art of reconnecting with this energy – the energy of life (Qi). Both, physical and psychological factors are crucial aspects in approach of this treatment.

Prerequisite for health and well-being is un-blocked flow of “Qi” through the meridians (energy pathways) to all the organs and body tissues. For “Qi” to flow freely, there must be balance between the two opposites “Yin” and “Yang”, which are like night and day of life.

Modern explanation based on science tells us that these acupuncture points stimulate nervous system thus releasing special chemicals into various parts of our body. These chemicals influence body’s own regulatory system by changing the experience of pain or stimulating other chemical or hormone production.

Neck pain treatment Maple Acupuncture VietnamAcupuncture practitioner at Maple Vietnam offers you a completely natural remedy for neck pain, tense, aching shoulder


How many sessions do I need?

The number of visits is different for each individual and magnitude of the problem.  For instance, acute condition might require just few visits, where ones that are more complex can take one or two visits a week for several months.

Does it hurt?

This varies from person to person. Where some unpleasantness, if any, might occur is needle insertion. Once the needle is in place, you will not feel any pain. Even a desirable sensation, like a numb, warm, pressure or electric feeling, shows the triggered healing process. In the process tiny, solid, stainless steel needles as thin as human hair are used.

Are there any side effects?

Normally there are no side effects. However, there might be some processes, which indicate you that treatment is taking effect.  Some of these are – changes in appetite, sleep, bowel and urination patterns. In addition, change in emotional state might occur.  In first couple of visits, very deep relaxation will take place after treatment. 

Disposable needles are used, so procedure is safe in regards to infection.

The entire body’s nervous system passes through the cervical spine, which makes it one of the most important areas of the body to keep healthy. Having a problem there can cause many problems that you feel in other areas of the body.  Come get a complimentary consultation and see how Maple experienced acupuncturist can help you relieve your neck pain effectively and restore you with energy balance and good health.