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Dental Implants with Westcoast International Dental Clinic Vietnam

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Our Facility and High Tech Approach

At Maple Healthcare Vietnam, you will find that we use the latest in technology and more importantly protocols to ensure the best in your healthcare treatment.

maple healthcare district 2 reception
maple healthcare district

Chiropractic Technology

Ultrasound - We have the most advanced in ultrasound designed and manufactured in Europe. This machine enhances the bodies ability to heal extreme injuries in a very short time.

Electrotherapy - We have the best in Electrotherapy is equipped with over 100 different electrical settings for relieving pain to exercising muscle to healing bone tissue. It gives us every option needed to treat any injury.

DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy - A medically researched and proven way to relieve severe neck and low back pain. It is a gentle non-invasive way to avoid surgery and get long lasting effects. It's the most effective and affordable treatment today.

Myovision - This computerized body scanner can tell you the exact areas of problem that your body has. The myovision can see where your problem starts and give you a visual account of your progress.

maple healthcare d2 treatment room
Spinal Adjustment Bed

Skincare Technology 

Services provided by SIAN Skincare Clinic

Laser Hair Removal. No more shaving and waxing!  We have the newest laser technology can help rid you of those unwanted or unsightly hairs in a virtually painless procedure.

Chemical Peel. For flawless skin, a routine regular peel brings out the baby skin in you.  Look to have a peel for dark spots, large pores, uneven complexion, acne scars and/or dull skin tone.  A light peeling is one of the best kept secrets in skincare.

Tattoo Removal. If you realize that old tattoo isn't going to be a part of you from now and into the future, now is the time to remove it.  Patented laser technology can help remove old and sadly newly done tattoos.

Ionto-Facials by Accura. To maintain good skin, you best come in weekly with good professional cleansing to remove debris and free clogged pores.  A weekly infusion of Vitamin C by our expert estheticians will make and keep your looking supple and radiant.

Thermage. Hands down the best technology in skin tightening when done by an expert who knows how to do it.

Filorga Signature Facial. The best anti-aging cosmetics from France are in Vietnam now. Come learn why it's the best in anti-aging care.

Skin Whitening. Okay, this is not for those who like to tan. If this is your ideal type of skin tone, we can help with our combined glutathione and laser therapy to lighten skin complexion.

Anti-Aging Therapies. Looking young also needs to be done inside out.  We use special therapies that range from placental extract to vitamin C to help keep your inside system young.  There are also excellent health benefits from these therapies including better sleep and better immune function -which of course also helps you look better.

Facial Rejuvenation. There are a whole range of fantastic, well proven and safe treatments at Maple such as IPL, derma-rolling,  laser resurfacing, photo- facial and many many more to help you look younger!

Dental Technology

Services provided by Westcoast International Dental Clinic

All on Four Dental implants. A beautiful new smile can be made on only 4 implants to save costs and to avoid bone grafting.

Teeth in an Hour/ Teeth in a Day. Afraid of having no tooth/ teeth after it needs to be pulled? Immediate teeth replacement by dental implant is possible by our expert team.

Smile Diagnostic Systems. We use the latest in computer imaging and diagnostics in imaging to help you achieve a natural and beautiful smile.

Computer Generated Teeth. Today’s latest technology involves the use of high tech precise fit of crowns and bridges are here at Maple.

CAD/CAM technology. New dental materials are stronger than ever and may not chip over time precisely made by computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacturing.

Customized Non Breakable Teeth. We can make teeth that are non chippable and deliver within two days. In Canada, the standard time is two weeks.

Infection Control Systems. Using latest technology from Tattauner USA, we implement the best infection control protocol for you and your family’s safety.

Low Dose Dental Xray. We only use lowest dosage dental xray technology which images are made instantaneously without waiting.

Sirona Dental Imaging System. You will find the best in orthopantographic and cephalometric imaging that is critical in case planning for your orthodontics, implants and dental case planning.

Invisalign. We are accredited Invisalign providers and provide the best outcomes for invisible braces care.

Sleep Dentistry. For patients who are highly anxious or fearful, we have options to help you achieve your treatment worry free.

High Quality Machines and Instruments. There are too many for us to list here. Rest assured, we use the top equipment and material from Japan, Germany, Austria, USA and many other countries.

Long Term Solutions. We pride ourselves at Westcoast to use a Team based approach for case planning. We pride ourselves on the reputation of our work in which technology helps us, but protocol defines us.

Scoliosis treatment with Maple 4
Scoliosis treatment

District 2 Clinic: No. 19 Dang Huu Pho, Thao Dien Ward, District 2. Phone: 0938 646 112

District 3 Clinic: 107B Truong Dinh, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3. Phone: 0932 055 088

District 7 Clinic: 2-4 Hung Gia 1 Inner Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7. Phone: 0705 100 100

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