Spinal Degeneration: The Cause Of Many Spinal Disorders

Spinal degeneration is a common health issue, the cause of many spinal disorders especially in middle-aged adults.  It can be a painful, disabling and progressive disease that seriously impacts your quality of life.  It’s also potentially reversible and if diagonosed and treated sooner rather than later, restoring and rebalancing your spine is probable.

Therefore, Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Center in HCMC, Vietnam invites you to read the following information about this disease.  The intent being, to raise your awareness about preserving the health of your spine.  Also, to provide understanding, how regular chiropractic care can help you manage spinal degeneration while improving your overall physical wellbeing.   

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Spinal degeneration disease is serious

Spinal degeneration is a serious disease affecting many of us.  In fact, studies reveal approximately 30% of people age 30 -50 years old, have degenerating spinal disorders.  Problems involving the spine can literally strike without warning, or advance gradually over time.  Regardless of the orgin or issue, they require significant attention, conscious effort, and strong commitment in order for you to regain your spinal equanimity.

The reasons spinal degeneration disease develops are divided into primary and secondary causes.

  • The primary cause is the body’s natural aging process. As we age our spines gradually or sometimes rapidly lose their stability and structural flexibility.  If inflammation and or, a unstable micro-motion situation evolves in your spine, degeneration follows.
  • Secondary causes include assorted injuries and traumas, job related repetitive movements, or heavy, unsupported lifting. Other causes could be, a unhealthy diet, obesity, stress or engaging in an activity or exercise where you’ve strained yourself.  Essentially, even a minor injury to your spine, or a missed step while walking can initiate the degenerative process.

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Spinal degeneration can affect your entire body and heavily impact your daily life.

When your spine degenerates to a certain level, your disc will become dehydrated, your ligaments and various rubbery tissues will eventually wear out.  This is the main cause of many spinal disorders such as herniated disc, bone spurs, and slipped vertebrae.

If untreated your condition will progress rapidly, resulting in varying degrees of pain, which can limit your freedom of movement.  In some cases hemiplegia may develop, causing disability due to excessive pressure on the nerve root.  Therefore, prevention and early treatment of spinal degeneration is the key to a well balanced, active life.

Can the effects of spinal degeneration be stopped?

Dr Paul Dalfonso from the Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Center in HCMC, states, “Spinal degeneration is a problem associated with aging.  You can’t prevent the affects of aging, but can slow them down with regular spinal maintenance and preservation.  There are many treament options such as medication, surgery, and chiropractic care.  Which method is most appropriate, depends on your state of health, and extent of your degeneration”.

  • Medication: Is only viable if prescribed by your doctor and shouldn’t be used for an extended period of time.  Long-term drug therapy can lead to dependency and negative side effects, such as adversely affecting your heart, kidney, liver and other organs.
  • Surgery: Is highly invasive and almost always a traumatic event, that is often complicated further depending on the procedure. The results may temporary or permanent with possible physical limitations, requiring significant recovery time.  Surgery is not recommended for the elderly, and should only be an option if other treatment methods aren’t possible or probable for remediation.

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  • Physical therapy: Is highly recommended for relieving pain and restoring free range of motion.  Combined with chiropractic care this method of treatment is highly effective, because of its non invasive nature.
  • Chiropractic treatments: Chiropractic treatments are a holistic, natural healing modality.  Which focuses on vertebral positioning, the nervous system and muscles without the need for drugs or surgery.  Essentially, chiropractors use their skilled hands to apply very specific and controlled adjustments.  In order to safely realign – restore, normal mobility and function to joints and vertebraes.
    They’re also experts in healthy lifestyle courseling, offering appropriate exercises, dietary-supplementation and other forms of over-all wellness support.  Which will increase your energy level, improve your range of motion and enhance your general experience of life.

It is recommended for nearly everyone to receive a chiropractic examinantion and treatment, every 6 months to maintain your spinal health.  It is one of the most cost effective ways to prevent spinal degeneration and to rebalance your spine and body.

Note.  If the spinal degenerative process has begun and your currently not experiencing pain or other symptoms, you are fortunate.  However, its important to be clear about this stage of your degeneration and understand, the effects are merely dormant.  Complications will eventually rear their ugly head and be revealed, which is why a chiropractic consultation and an attitude or prevention and preservation is so elemental.

Healthy lifestyle habits are vital in the treatment of spinal degeneration

“Along with regular visits to doctors and other specialists, you should also protect your spine by avoiding factors that accelerate the aging process,” says Dr. Paul.

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For example,

  • A healthy diet should include added calcium and magnesium
  • Drink 1.5 – 2.0 liters of water daily
  • Reduce your sweets and salt intake
  • Increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you eat
  • Eat more protein based foods, like fish, chicken, nuts
  • Don’t overeat, especially before going to bed
  • Refrain from using stimulants such as tobacco, drinking too much coffee and moderate your alcohol consumption
  • Don’t sit or stand in one position for to long
  • Do stretching exercises, practice yoga, take walks or dance to increase the flexibility of your muscles and spine.

These recommendations are essential, if you choose to create a better quality of life.  If you continue your current lifestyle habits and have spinal issues that are left untreated, the degeneration of you spine will progress rapidly.


Spinal Degeneration is very common disease, can be painful, debilitating and limit your quality of life.  However, your symptoms can be reversed or reduced, if your specific disorder is diagnosed professionally and treated promptly.

Why not learn and do everything you can to create a vital, high energy, pain free, happy life??  It’s a fact, chiropractic care and positive lifestyle habits promote spinal health, while encouraging a general sense of wellbeing.

To learn more about your recovery and healing options, contact the Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Vietnam.  The chiropractors on staff will gladly support  you, on your journey to peak health.

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