Scoliosis Treatment Things You Should Know

Scoliosis treatment without drugs or surgery will help reduce your curve effectively.

Scoliosis is the most common abnormality associated with the spine. Studies reveal that 1 in 40 people have varying degrees of scoliosis, and it’s especially prevalent in school aged children.

The best way to support yourself, or someone you love who has scoliosis, is to locate a competent chiropractor, who is associated with a skilled physical therapist. That has also developed the understanding, to determine a viable non-surgical scoliosis treatment plan that will insure your recovery.

To find professional and competent chiropractic support in Vietnam, contact one of the Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Centers. The Chiropractors there are well experienced in scoliosis treatment, and other spinal disorders and abnormalities.

Spinal curvatures and other structural imbalances relative to scoliosis

3 types of scoliosis exist in the world of spinal disorders, functional, structural, and genetic. In functional cases the spine looks curved, because of a habitual malposition which has evolved, but actually works normally. When functional scoliosis is treated the symptoms and even the scoliosis itself can often be alleviated by chiropractic adjustment and functional re-education. In cases where structural scoliosis is present and the spine is rigid, it’s usually because of muscles and ligaments changed noticeably in length. In these cases depending on the severity of the curvature, structural scoliosis can be reversed from 50 to 80 percent. In cases involving genetic scoliosis, abnormal development of the vertebrae occurs in utero.

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Spinal curvatures that measure more than 10 degrees, regardless of the angle of the curve would be considered scoliosis. Healthcare practitioners often use the letters C and S to describe the type of curve in your backbone.
Some common Scoliosis indicators are as follows:

  • Bulging of the chest cavity (baby or small child)
  • Favoring or lying on one side (baby or small child)
  • Favors or leans to one side
  • Head is not positioned straight up from the pelvis
  • Ribs are not equally distributed and rotated posteriorly
  • One leg may be longer or shorter than the other
  • One shoulder is higher than the other
  • Clothes may hang unevenly
  • May feel exhausted or in pain after standing or sitting for a short period of time
  • Digestive disorders and loss of metabolic balance
  • Chronic discomfort, pain or headaches
  • Depression, impaired self-esteem, limited interest in social interactions

To determine the severity and find out the best scoliosis treatment, spinal curvatures are divided into three distinct categories

  • Mild curves (10 – 25 degrees)
  • Moderate curves (26 – 40 degrees)
  • Severe curves (over 40 degrees)

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Each of the stated classifications can trigger and cause physical limitations, discomfort, organ dysfunction and varying degrees of pain. As well as other challenges which can ultimately affect, the normal functions of your body.

Treatment considerations for the varying degrees of scoliosis

Years of countless case history’s in conjunction with numerous research studies. Reveal that chiropractic treatments along with specific exercises, can aid in the correction of, and provide relief from the symptoms of scoliosis. Scoliosis is normally described as a spinal structural disorder, misalignment, or subluxation which is identified by the irregular, lateral curve in ones spine.

The alternative spinal adjustments and manipulations usually associated with chiropractic care techniques, have been well documented and proven to be a highly effective and safe method for restoring normal spinal function.

Working with an experienced chiropractor and reputable clinic, like Dr. Paul and Dr. Francois from the Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Centers, provides added assurance that your back is in very good hands.

Treatments for mild scoliosis:

  • Mild scoliosis is easily treated because off the curve is minor
  • Adding stretching - strengthening muscle exercises to your daily routine can increase your range of motion, and reduce the progression of the disorder
  • A scoliosis score test may be recommended. The test is usually about 99% accurate, providing important information which can assist you with the monitoring of your progression

Treatments for moderate scoliosis:

  • If your curve is in that range and you are not feeling pain or discomfort, moderate scoliosis is relatively easy to treat and stabilize
  • Regular chiropractic adjustments can result in more energy and increased lung capacity. They’ll also enable a release of pressure on your nervous system and create more space for your vital organs
  • Exercise and physical therapy added to your treatment regime, alleviates pain and physical limitations, while increasing the flexibility of your spine

Treatments for severe scoliosis:

  • Severe stage scoliosis is a serious medical condition which requires constant vigilance to maintain your mobility and free range of motion
  • For curves greater than 45 degrees surgery will be required, serving as your last option to mitigate your recurring symptoms. This will result in a major trauma where you’ll likely lose most or all of your mobility
  • Alternative treatments in addition to chiropractic care, like brace, physical therapy and yoga, often stabilize curvatures and arrest your pain. The stated methods can improve your overall health and wellness, while increasing your life expectancy

Early detection will help you treat scoliosis effectively

Even though scoliosis is unpreventable, it’s early detection and prompt treatment can minimize its subsequent progression and associated pain. Physical limitations, organ dysfunctions and the appearance of deformities can also be reduced.
The complexity of your treatment plan will depend on the severity of your curvature. Therefore, in order to keep the disease in check, early detection is essential.

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Dr. Paul D’Alfonso, Director of Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam recommends screening for scoliosis annually. As an inferior option, it’s also possible for patients or their parents to apply some simple tests at home to determine if you have scoliosis. However, these simple tests can only tell you that you have a curve, not how advanced it is, or how to treat it. You may need to take Xray of your full spine to allow the Dr of chiropractic to make an accurate measurement and so determine which will be the best chiropractic plan for your specific case.

In order to determine the severity of your particular case, you’ll need to engage in a comprehensive spinal examination with a qualified, chiropractic professional. To be certain of your situation, your chiropractor will use specific techniques, and other testing protocols that will accurately assess your condition. Enabling, him to provide you with appropriate treatment recommendations.


Many people are suffering with scoliosis related symptoms, even though they are ambulatory. While others who aren’t so lucky, are actually experiencing structural disabilities, chronic pain and other physical limitations.

Scoliosis affects people of all ages and all walks of life. It is a progressive disease and if left untreated can and often does progress, wreaking all kinds of havoc with your body and sense of wellbeing.

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Chiropractic care - an effective scoliosis treatment method can and do help alleviate and, or reduce the symptoms. If your condition is detected early on, rather than later on, your curvature can often be significantly corrected. You owe it to yourself to live your life free of scoliosis pain and suffering, however, you must be pro-active, mindful and determined to do so.

The most effective, simplest way to achieve success and to improve your quality of life, if you suspect you or someone you love has scoliosis. Is to, schedule an appointment with one of the chiropractic specialists, at the Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Center Vietnam.
They are experts in the field of spinal disorders-abnormalities and will be glad to serve as your advocates. Supporting your recovery and assisting your return to a balanced, healthy, pain free life with their specific scoliosis treatment.

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