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Traveling long distances can often be challenging and painful, however by implementing effective travel tips & chiropractic care, you can make your journey more pleasant and comfortable.

When you travel by plane, train, automobile or motorbike many areas of your body are often affected, which results in varying degrees of discomfort.  If left untreated you can end up facing a chronic pain situation, developing other serious symptoms or disorders in your back, neck, legs and shoulders, etc.

By following the travel tips with chiropractic care shown below, you’ll be able to effectively reduce or avoid the debilitating pain that often accompanies long trips.

Simple suggestions to reduce the onset of pain and discomfort while traveling!

chiropracic care tips for traveler maple 2

Lifting and schlepping luggage is a natural part of traveling:
However, it should be done carefully and it does help if you pack and travel light.  Heavy luggage and the frequency of lifting your bags many times during a trip, if done absent mindedly can throw your body out of balance.  When this happens it can cause pain or serious discomfort or worse in your back, shoulders and other parts of your body.  By regularly shifting your heavy bags from one side to the other, and keeping your spine straight, simultaneously, can help eliminate an injury.

Take regular breaks and keep moving:
Long periods of sitting in the same position can cause spinal pain, especially in the neck and back. Thus, it’s best to keep moving and adjusting your position during a trip, by doing so it will stimulate your body’s natural circulation and energy flow.  Maintaining a healthy balance by taking regular breaks will also reduce stress on the spine and will help you limit your fatigue. Making sure your sitting posture is aligned – upright is one of the most important travel tips, if followed it can prevent the onset of discomfort or nagging pain.

What to do if you are experiencing pain before or during a trip?

There are many supportive exercises and stretches for your spine and muscles, for example, legs and hips stretches are easy to do almost anywhere.  Keeping your hamstrings flexible with a standing or sitting hamstring stretch will prevent discomfort, and the shift in position will reduce your risk of a fixed position injury.

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Note: There are many stretches, exercises and other interesting travel tips you might consider or talk with your chiropractor for specifics, concurrent with your needs.  It’s important to always sit as straight as possible if you are going to be sitting in the same position for an extended period. 

By using and placing a neck pillow directly behind your neck, your low back will be positioned posteriorly out of alignment with you head which will be anteriorly positioned!  This is not an advisable postural combination and will lead to pain and discomfort!  The best position is to place a 2nd pillow behind your low back, this will help you maintain comfortable extension and good head support.

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Remedy for quick and easy pain relief:
Placing a cold pack or alternating cold and hot compresses on the aching area is an effective remedy to temporarily minimize or eliminate pain and discomfort.

Prior to your trip:
If you are already suffering from a chronic or reoccurring back problem, it’s advisable that you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.  A chiropractic care is a non-invasive way to rebalance your ailing back and will reduce your risk of residual pain plaguing you while traveling.


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One of the most frustrating and annoying things that can happen while traveling is having to face spine related pain or other health issues!  To insure that you relax and have a good time on your journey, remember the before mentioned travel tips to maintain an issue free and healthy spine.

If you are traveling in Vietnam and experience back or neck pain, feel free to contact Maple Healthcare Vietnam for immediate chiropractic care support.  You can rest assured our seasoned teamed of skilled chiropractors will be glad to serve you with prompt care and treatment.

Don’t let pain and discomfort prevent you from enjoying your travels and realizing your dreams and chosen intentions.

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