Patient review


Patient stories_Cupitt Damien Aaron_Maple“Dr. Paul is the best, he was able to treat my dislocated shoulder within 15 minutes. Not only he fixed it, but he also gave me detailed instruction on how to take care of it at home and gave me valuable information about my injury. 

I was amazed, the staffs were friendly and the facility is state of the art. It’s a highly professional place with intelligent team of doctors. I had a great experience overall. I just want other people to know and to seek Dr. Paul’s help if you are in pain.”

Cupitt Damien Aaron

Patient stories_Ms Y Nhi Le Hoang_Maple“Excellent professional service and environment. Easy to make appointment, great location, friendly and supportive staff. Dr. Dalfonso was very helpful with my health concern and went well above and beyond to answer all my questions. Will definitely come back for regular adjustments and will recommend to anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor in Ho Chi Minh City.”

Lê Hoàng Ý Nhi

Patient stories_Mr Walter Walter_Maple“Dr Dalfonso is a very supportive Chiropractor. I was in hospital near his clinic as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Dr. Alfonso did everything he could to help me even while he was away on vacation by arranging to order supplies and to communicate with my chiropractor back in Canada.

Dr. Dalfonso has also been kind enough to offer his help in addressing other issues related to my accident even after I have return to Canada. I knew that in times of trouble, chiropractors are your best and first choice. Dr. Dalfonso has demonstrated this.”

Walter – Canada

Patient stories_Chiara Squinzi_Maple“I had a session with new acupuncturist and traditional medicine doctor Steve and it was really good. I have had similar sessions in the past in China and i can say that the level is very similar but it is easier to communicate. Steve is obviously very knowledgeable and likes to explain how the treatment works. I am very happy with the session. 

The clinic is one of my favorite in Saigon. Clean, competent and nice staff and we can use direct billing. I tried chiropractic and acupuncture services so far, i might try the skincare department soon.”

Chiara Squinzi 

“I have received treatment for wrinkles at Maple Healthcare for over two years. The Dermatologist is professional, competent and empathetic. The results are natural and long lasting. 
My family goes to Maple Healthcare for Chiropractic care as well. Dr Paul is charismatic and very competent. You know immediately that he cares deeply about his patients’ health. Each family member has healed fully and safely under his care. 

The staff at Maple Healthcare can’t be beat! They greet me by first name every time I walk in. They are very patient and flexible about booking my appointments and giving me quotes for services. You will always be met wit a smile and made to feel comfortable in the clinic.”

Tara Ronzetti

“Chiropractic care is top notch and very helpful. Knowledgeable and adjusting what I needed. Highly recommended if you have any back or neck issues. Now I just have to adjust lifestyle so I do not need to come as often.

Dental services were easy and convenient. I had more work done than expected and paid more than I hoped for but they were quick and helpful. Very easy service and accommodating.

Clean, modern, friendly and comfortable. Easy access and professional staff. Guarded parking available”

James Andrew Lang