Orthodontics and Invisible Braces

Maple Healthcare dental offers teeth straightening treatments, braces including invisible braces, cranio-facial development and treatment of congenital abnormalities such as cleft lip. Orthodontists also play a large role in assisting in speech therapy and breathing disorders.

Many people have crooked, uneven spaced teeth or bite problems due to genetics or other environmental factors. Many adults are okay to live with a crowded, uneven smile while others feel more comfortable, more confident and able to chew/ speak better after seeking orthodontic care.

Depending on each individual’s needs and dental requirements, there are many different types of orthodontics appliances designed for each case, either fixed or removable, work by putting pressure onto the teeth and jaws to straighten and re-position them both. The severity of your teeth will determine the most appropriate approach for your orthodontic care.

Maple Healthcare Dental focuses on early orthodontic braces intervention, so you can help your child avoid a lifetime of crowded smiles, other bite and facial problems, healthier mouth and a better appearance. Having an early examination and preparing for the future is important in prevention of future problems.

Invisible Braces

Don’t like the bulkiness or the metal looks on your teeth? Maple Healthcare Dental presents you Invisalign, a cutting-edge technology, which can fix your crooked smile without anybody noticing.

Obviously, there are other options for correcting your smile but none offer an absolute level of confident and comfort like Invisgalign. The treatment consists of a series of aligners, made from smooth and transparent plastic that you wear over your teeth and switch to new ones every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured to fit you perfectly and gradually shift your teeth into place. Since it’s virtually invisible and can be taken out easily, you can go about your daily routine with almost no interference.