Neck Pain Treatment with Chiropractic

Considering the activities of modern life such as sitting in front of a computer, riding motorbikes, watching prolonged periods of television and an increasing incidence of poor posture – particularly forward head posture, it comes as no surprise that neck pain has become so common. This problem is becoming even more noticeable in the younger generations in Vietnam. They start to have neck pain at a much earlier age due to excessive study hours, computer and phone use. The good news is that our staff can help you with our neck pain Chiropractic treatment.

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Having imbalances in the joints of the neck can cause  joint pain, balance problems and headaches.

The entire body’s nervous system passes through the cervical spine which makes it one of the most important areas of the body to keep healthy.  Having imbalances in the joints of the neck can cause  joint pain, balance problems and headaches.  Because the neck is so important having a problem there can cause many problems that you feel in other areas of the body.  That is why many Chiropractors will treat the neck even though you have only low back pain.

Problems within the neck can also cause headaches, shoulder pain, TMJ or jaw pain, pins and needles in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome and upper back pain. These pains start off as a sore muscles and then can quickly progress into sharp debilitating pains that interfere with all parts of your life

This type of pain is usually related to the joints and has a structural origin. This is the reason that most treatments like medication never work to actually fix a neck pain problem. Restoring proper motion in the neck is the best way to rid yourself of this chronic pain. Our Chiropractic doctors at Maple Healthcare Vietnam are experts in evaluation of and restoration of the proper spinal curvature in the neck and upper back. Using our specialized neck decompression traction devices and exercise rehabilitation we can relieve your neck pain quickly and easily. Once the pain is relieved and you feel better our doctors will give you the proper tools to keep your spine healthy permanently

If you have any of the following symptoms please come in to get an Chiropractic examination:

  • Chronic pain and soreness when you wake up in the morning
  • Neck stiffness when turning your head while driving
  • Clicking or popping sounds coming from the joints
  • Constant soreness during the day
  • Headaches
  • Tingling in the hands or arms

Neck Pain Treatment by Chiropractic Maple Vietnam 2

Maple Healthcare Chiropractor adjusts patient to help you relieve your neck pain.

Come get an evaluation and body scan to see how Maple Chiropractic Saigon can help you relieve your neck pain quickly and effectively

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