Common Causes of Neck Pain And Effective Methods of Treatment

How to Relieve Your Neck Pain Without Medication?

Neck pain is a very common problem in Saigon for all people regardless of age or sex. Researchers have shown that there are around 15 people out of 100 suffering from neck pain in most populations like Vietnam’s.

Most people have a tendency to suffer through the pain although it is irritating and uncomfortable, because it has not yet affected their lives detrimentally. However, these small pains will increase over time and eventually become a serious life altering problem if not treated properly.

The entire nervous system passes through your cervical spine first before it reaches the rest of the body; therefore, it is the most vital part of the spine that keeps your body functioning properly. Imbalance in the joints of the neck are one of the main causes of painful aching joints, headaches and many other symptoms. This is the reason why getting adjusted by a trained Chiropractor is one of the most important things you will ever do for your body.

Causes of Neck Pain:

There are many reasons why you might have neck pain such as severe injuries, muscle strains, arthritic changes and repetitive stress.

  • Muscle strains: Excessive exercise and improper sleeping positions will make the muscles surrounding your neck get fatigued over time leading to time muscles which can cause strains in the muscles during sudden movements. Additionally, too much stress at work might progress into a chronic muscle tension between the shoulders which also progress most likely into muscle pains. Besides, some activities such as reading in bed, looking down at the computer frequently or even grinding your teeth also easily leads to neck problems.
  • The “wear and tear” of joints: Over time all bones, joints, muscles as well as other parts of the body have tendency to wear down with time depending on how well you take care of them. Once this happens, there’s your likelihood of arthritis and other age related problems will happen commonly causing pain. These can all be avoided in most cases no matter what your age.
  • Nerve compression: Nerve pressure caused by disc injuries or degeneration are also a very common problem for most people these days. Especially when working long hours at a desk. Main reasons that cause nerve root compression:
    • Disc stiffness: Aging and lack of proper movement are some of the main causes that dries a disc out and leads to disc thinning and weakness. This will allow the disc to bulge or herniate which then compresses the nerve behind it leading to severe neck pain.
    • Herniated disc: When herniated the contents of the disc will leak out during certain movements and puts pressure on the adjoining nerve roots. This will often cause numbness, fatigue, sharp pains and muscle spasms.
    • Bone spur: Bone spurs develop as a reaction of the bone to heat and pressure over time. These tiny growths of bone will become sharp and protrude into areas where they shouldn’t be. The can cause extreme symptoms depending on their location.

Types of Treatment

  • Ice pack: This is the simplest way that you can relieve your pain at home. Just apply an ice pack on the painful areas for 5-10 minutes. It will help relieve inflammation and muscles spasms quickly by numbing the local nerves in the area.
  • Neck massage: you can ask the therapist to gently massage from the neck down to the shoulders. This will not only help the neck tendons and muscles relax but also relieve the feeling of pain temporarily.
  • Doing neck exercises: Turn your head gently clockwise about 7-8 times and vice versa. Lean forward-backward and turn to the sides combined with simple breathing exercises will reduce the pain and stress in the body.

  • Shoulder exercises: Gently rotate your shoulders forward and backward or raise both arms up and expand your chest for a relieving stretch. This also gets a lot of good motion into the tightest joints.
    • Attention: Do it slowly. Stop any movements that worsen your pain.
  • Relax the body: Stand with your arms crossed over then raise them above your head. Reach up as far as you can. Hold this posture for a few seconds, use slow and deep breaths. This is an exercise that helps relax the whole body and relieve stress.

Not taking too much of your time, these exercises are simple way to help prevent your neck pain.Not taking too much of your time, these exercises are simple way to help prevent your neck pain.

  • Rest: Take a rest and avoid high impact activities. If you’re an office worker, take a few minutes per day off to stretch and rest. It’s a good way to relax stiff muscles and joints.
  • Chiropractic: This is the latest form of treatment in Vietnam that will help you get rid of your neck pain without medication. A chiropractor can adjust your neck as well as your spine to relieve the pressure and reduce the pain effectively. You can find more information via Maple Healthcare Vietnam where you truly will be in good hands.Chiropractic is the latest form of treatment in Vietnam that will help you get rid of your neck pain without medication.

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