Most people in Vietnam will suffer from some form of low back pain in their lives that comes from a combination of factors (including bad work posture, accidents and stress). No matter the cause big or small Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s Chiropractic specialists can solve your lower back problems.

What cause of low back pain?

There are so many things that can cause low back pain that it would take a more than a few pages to list them all. The first and most common problem that causes this condition is called a subluxation or basically a stuck joint. Non-moving fixated joints cause muscle spasms, inflammation and irritation of the spinal nerves. Many back pain issues come from unaddressed subluxations that were never fixed when they first happened.

The next most common but much rarer causes of back pain are pinched /compressed nerve roots, sciatica, spondylolistesis, scoliosis, herniated discs and spinal stenosis. All these conditions that were mentioned are easily treated by our doctors of Chiropractic at Maple Healthcare in Saigon.

Is having the pain a serious issue?

Low Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Maple Vietnam 1

Non-moving fixated joints cause muscle spasms, inflammation and irritation of the spinal nerves.

Having back pain back pain can make life extremely difficult to enjoy, which is an issue all by itself. Then even if it does go away the problem that caused it is most likely is still there. This means that it will most likely come back and if left untreated will come back even with even more pain. This is why you should see a chiropractor at the first sign of any back or joint pain.

Common Symptoms

Many different symptoms can follow when you first start getting back pain. Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Numbness, weakness or lack of feeling in the legs?
  • The inability to stand for short periods of time?
  • Achy stiff joints in the morning?
  • Pain after exercise or walking?
  • Foot pain, knee pain heel pain or leg pain?

These can indicate a very serious problem.

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these symptoms, it’s time you got help from a doctor, a doctor of chiropractic.

How do we treat low back pain?

Low Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Maple Vietnam 2

The combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy can efficiently and painlessly heal your low back pain.

Here at Maple Vietnam we use a combination of advanced chiropractic adjusting techniques, physiotherapy and specific muscle balancing therapies in treating lower back pain. This combination can efficiently and painlessly heal your pain.

The first step in taking care of low back pain is to find out the source of the problem. Our doctors are trained to specifically locate whether your pain starts in the disc, muscles or nerves. Next we will begin balancing your spine and joints to take pressure off the injured area which will relieve your pain instantly. This is done with our specialized equipment and adjusting tables imported from the US. Specifically designed techniques for moving the joint into their proper positions have been developed by chiropractors just for these problems.

Low Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Maple Vietnam 3

Maple Healthcare chiropractor helps patient get rid of low back pain.

Then with lifestyle and exercise guidance from our team we can keep you pain free for good. Proper core exercises are very important to keeping your body strong and balanced for many years. Low back pain studies show that the best and most effective treatments for it are a combination of Chiropractic Adjustments and specific low back exercises. Let Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s specialists show you the best ways to get your spine in shape.

Come in today and get a consultation for your low back and joint pain problems at Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Saigon, we can help you live pain free.

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