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Knee Pain Treatment with Chiropractic

Knee pain is a common injury related to sports and other intense activities is often a combination of mechanical problems in motion and support of the joint. Tight muscles combined with damage to the supporting ligament structure will often result in sore aching knee pain. These symptoms only get worse if they are not treated and rehabilitated properly.

Knee Pain Treatment with Chiropractic
Knee Pain Treatment with Chiropractic

Why does the knee get injured?

The knees are under an extreme amount of stress from just our daily activities.  They accept movement very well in a forward and backward motion.  These motions are what the knee joint was designed to do. Twisting and side to side movements are a more difficult movement for the knee's design.  The side to side/ twisting movements are much more related to the movements we use during sports or intense activities.  These are often the contributing factor to why knee injuries start.  Sometimes these injuries will follow us from our youth and become painful as we get older.  Other injuries and factors that can cause problems with knee pain are falls, motorbike injuries, genetics and disease.  Whether the problem is chronic or acute the Chiropractors at Maple Healthcare Vietnam can provide the resources to diagnose and treat all of these conditions

Why does the knee get injured
Why does the knee get injured

Knee pain symptoms also can develop from much lighter problems as well. Improper shoes and simply not stretching enough in our daily lives can cause increased pressure on the knee joints. This over time will increase the body’s inflammation response and will degenerate the knee over a long period of time. Knee pain degeneration can be very sore and impact every part of your life. This pain often starts as a slow ache and steadily progresses into constant pain so much that you can’t even stand on the affected leg.

Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s doctors are specialists in treatment of the extremities. We use the latest in physiotherapy equipment, sports medicine, and Kinesio taping techniques. The first step is to break down the bad tissues in the area and then allow the body to heal it properly with proper orthopedic support. Once our Chiropractic Doctors fix the problems in the joint they will strengthen your joint and muscle structures using specific tools and exercises.

Maple Healthcare Chiropractic treatment can help you get rid of your knee pain.

When should I see a Chiropractor for my knees?

When should I see a Chiropractor for my knees?
When should I see a Chiropractor for my knees?
  • If your knee pain keeping you from performing sports or normal activities.
  • You have to take pain killers to feel normal or have no improvement
  • You have arthritis and no one can give you any answers
  • Your knee feels unbalanced when you walk and you have a lack of motion when moving.

If you have any of these knee pain problems please come visit us before your problems get worse and more complicated, you will be happy you did.

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