Sports Injury Relief in Ho Chi Minh City

Here are some information to help you and your loved ones get back on track after an injury occurs.

Whether you are a weekend athlete or a professional, there are a few things that all athletes have in common. They want to have the best possible performance in their chosen sport, and they both can get injured.

Let’s take a look at the weekend athletes out there, or for that matter, anyone who enjoys exercising. Injuries happen, pure and simple. While they can be minimized, they cannot be totally avoided. If a person participates enough in any physical activity, eventually that person will get hurt to some degree. The way in which one treats his injuries determines how fast one recovers and how quickly one can get back to the activity they enjoy.

Athletes may ask themselves why did they get injured? We stretch out, and feel like we are in pretty good shape. So, why? Usually there is a very simple formula. In most cases, we play too hard, too long, or too fast. In the case of household duties such as cleaning, do any of us warm up before carrying our couch across the room? This may not seem like a sports injury, but in fact, overuse syndromes or playing full speed before we are really warmed up are the major causes of sports injuries. Simple household chores, while done without warming up, can mimic a sports injury to some extent.

If you as an athlete gets hurt, what can be done to get you back on the field? Rest is usually a good thing, but by itself, can take a very long time.

At Maple Healthcare, we can speed up that wait time in a natural holistic method, we focus on Chiropractic care that is a balanced approach to treat and heal sports injuries. We use chiropractic adjustment to return spinal segments to their normal mobility and by using our modern physical therapies to help the supportive tissues (muscles, tendons, & ligaments), chiropractic physicians help the injured areas return to normal function. Combined with rest to help the healing process, athletes will find their way back onto the court. Dr. Paul D’Alfonso and his team at Maple can offer you specific exercises and stretches to help you stay on the straight and narrow path to better enjoyment of your chosen sport.

Many professional athletes are utilizing chiropractic care more and more because they realize that it helps them maximize athletic performance. Articles continue to appear in major newspapers and magazines citing such stars as Arnold Schwartzeneger, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and many other proclaiming the benefits that chiropractic has meant for their careers. More and more professional and college teams are utilizing chiropractic care for that same reason.

If you can remember that the whole premise of chiropractic health care is to restore spinal health in order for your body to maximize proper function, it is not hard to understand why professional athletes enjoy what chiropractic has to offer. Come visit Maple and put that edge back in your game.

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