Foot and Heel Pain

Most people’s foot and heel pain can be narrowed down to 3 causes all which come from too much tension in the muscles of the feet and lower legs. Too much muscular tension leads to irritation of the joints and possible growth of bone spurs.

What causes foot pain?

One of the most seen causes of heel and foot pain is Plantar fasciitis.  This condition is often caused by mechanical problems in the foot’s movement over time.  The plantar fascia is a long piece of tissue that runs from the ball of the foot to the heel.  Excess pronation can cause this piece of tissue to become over stretched and cause inflammation of the area affected.  This will result in pain around the heel and arches of the foot.  The pain is usually more elevated in the morning when you first put pressure on your foot or at night after working all day.

Foot and Heel Pain 2

Plantar fasciitis one of the reasons course foot and heel pain.

Another condition of the foot that can cause very sharp and intense heel pain is what is called a heel spur.  This is an excess build up of calcium in the heel from chronic stress being applied to the plantar fascia or the Achilles tendon.  Through this stress many layers of calcium are deposited over time and eventually become big enough to cause a sharp pain when you step on it. Heel spur pain can become so intense that you cant even wear normal shoes when walking.

Foot and Heel Pain 1

Heel spure one of the reasons course foot and heel pain.

Many people try to help themselves by changing shoes or purchasing orthotic inserts, but find that the pain will not go away. That is because the root of the problem with the muscle and bones is still there. The joints of the foot move like the gear of a clock. When one joint moves they all move in sync, but if the mobility in one joint is impeded then they will all follow the same problem of motion. This movement problem will cause tightening of the joints and muscles over time leading to foot and heel pain issues. These pain problems tend to persist and get worse over time without proper treatment.

Maple Chiropractic Vietnam’s MMT therapy combined with sports medicine will eliminate the root muscle problems and allow free motion to the foot and ankles. You will feel relieved when you can walk again and enjoy your life.

If you have foot and heel pain please gets a complimentary evaluation and nervous system scan. Come see how the doctors at Maple Chiropractic Vietnam can help you.

Foot and Heel Pain 3

Chiropractor at Maple Healthcare will eliminate the root muscle problems and allow free motion to the foot and ankles.

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