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Maple Healthcare Brings a New Treatment to Ho Chi Minh City, Chiropractic Adjustments – the most Effective Option for Low Back Pain.

In a new survey showing that chiropractic spinal manipulation is the top-rated treatment for people suffering with back pain, patients should consider a consultation with a doctor of chiropractic.

The Consumer Reports Health Rating Center released the survey results of more than 14,000 Americans on April 6, 2012.

The survey rated doctors of chiropractic as the top practitioners, with survey respondents noting that they were more likely to be “highly satisfied” with the care received from their Doctor of Chiropractic (59 percent) than their normal medical physician (24 percent).

“For the treatment of back pain, few options are better than chiropractic,” says ACA President. “As shown in this latest survey, chiropractic spinal manipulation is an evidence-based and effective treatment for low-back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. Coupled with the high-levels of patient satisfaction, patients should turn to chiropractic as their first choice.”

To compare which treatments helped most, Consumer Reports asked its subscribers to rate a comprehensive list of potential remedies along with their satisfaction with the health care professionals they visited. Most survey respondents had tried five or six different treatments on average, and many found that their back pain interfered with their daily activities, including sleep and their sex life.

Doctors of chiropractic provide drug-free, non-invasive treatment options for many types of pain and inflammation. For example, chronic back pain, neck pain, joint pain and headaches can often be reduced with the appropriate combination of chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle counseling – all of which are offered by doctors of chiropractic in a patient’s personalized treatment plan. A significant amount of evidence has shown that the use of chiropractic care for certain conditions can be more effective than traditional medical care, with many patients feeling improvement shortly after their first chiropractic visit.

We at Maple Healthcare the newest wellness center to offer Chiropractic treatments and understand that Vietnam is very much in need of these treatment protocols. We provide a new approach to aches and pain that has never been available here before. Focusing on the source of the problem using the latest technology and muscle rehab techniques you can get rid of your pain for good.

When you combine Chiropractic with our wellness lifestyle philosophy your body will feel younger than it has in years. Don’t let pain keep you from living life. Come see us today!

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