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If you subjectively not treated scoliosis curve properly, the spine will bend even more and affect the internal organs. An appearance deformation will make patients feel a complex about themselves.

Scoliosis is not a strange disease anymore. But in fact, not many people understand the risks that it causes for health in the long run.  Consequently, many people with curvature of the spine remain subjective, they don’t care about treatment properly. Then when the appearance was deformed and health was weakened, it is too late to treat.

From the 25 degree Cobb angle, scoliosis curve started causing significant effect, like anomalies in the posture, shape and symmetry of the back, shoulders or hips. You will see some changes, such as: your shoulders are not balanced, hip deflection, foot limping limbs, hands sticking to your body when walking etc. The more curved of the spine, the more abnormalities you will fell. Some people’s bodies even shifted to the side, makes them feel a complex about themselves, especially young people.

In addition to changes in appearance, scoliosis can also impair lung function; neck, back or leg pain; headache; sleeplessness and tension. There are also many women with scoliosis of the spine leading to irregular menstrual cycles, affecting fertility. In other cases, scoliosis can cause gastrointestinal and functional problems. To explain the reasons for these signs, Dr. Paul D’Alfonso – Director of Maple Healthcare Chiropractic Center in Ho Chi Minh City says: “All the nerves that carry information from the brain to the organs pass through the spine, so that when the spine is in trouble, such as scoliosis curve, the body’s organs are also at risk “.

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How should scoliosis curve be treated?

At present, scoliosis curve can be treated by a variety of methods, depending on the shape of the curve, the degree of disease. Typical examples include the following:

  • Shaped belt:

Shaped belt is a common technique and is applied to most middle-aged patients with moderate curvature (25-40 degree). Belting time is based on the doctor’s recommendation, usually up to the age of 18 or until the spine stops growing. For the best results, wear a belt for at least 13 hours a day and choose the right type of belt, the right ratio and fit for the body.

  • Physical therapy:

This method is still being used by many people for the treatment of scoliosis, although there are many controversies about its true effectiveness. In cases of pain, Physical therapy is necessary and helps to relieve pain quickly by reducing the imbalance in the muscles around the crooked area.

  • Chiropractic:

Chiropractic is a method that comes from the United States, operate based on the principle of adjusting the deviation of the spine through adjusting manipulation by hands. Treatment of scoliosis curve with Chiropractic can help reduce crookedness and prevent further development of the disease. To improve the effectiveness of treatment, doctors usually recommend a combination of Chiropractic, physical therapy and appropriate stretching exercises.

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  • Surgery:

Surgery is the final option when the spine is severely curled, limiting the body’s activity and causing it to interfere with the heart and lungs. By placing additional Herrington stainless steel rods in the spine joints, the spine is pushed to the straight position. However, surgery is always more risky, complicated and it will limit the movement in the spine, leading to other diseases of the joints, and will limitate all day life activities due to the lake of flexibility.

Prevention of spinal curvature in adolescence

The best way to prevent scoliosis curve is to always be aware of your posture. Let your body be active regularly, never hold a position in a long time and do not carry heavy weight on one side. Men should not carry wallets in the pants pocket because it can cause the hip imbalance leading to scoliosis. In addition, you should do specific exercises for scoliosis regularly, stretching muscle properly associated with diet science.

For all of you in the developing age, check your scoliosis curve with a chiropractor or school doctor every 6 to 8 months. These tests will help prevent or detect early abnormalities in the spine

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Exercises that support scoliosis curve

Exercises for the back are essential for people with curvature of the spine, helping to restore the balance of the muscles and the physiological curve of the body. For people with scoliosis curve of more than 25 degrees or for long-term, exercise also helps improve the symptoms of numbness and aches. Here is a reference exercise that has worked for many people.

You can do 2-3 times a day to restore the physiological curvature necessary for the spine or reduce the pain caused by scoliosis. However, consult your doctor before exercise if you have severe curvature or severe pain.

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