Choosing Shoes Sizes Properly To Avoid Foot Pain

Knee, heel pain and foot pain is a prevalent issue mainly seen in people that walk for a long long period of time. You will often feel sharp pain around the ankle area or bottom of the feet when walking or at rest.

One of the main causes of this problem comes from inappropriate shoes styles and sizes.

There are so many stresses being put on your feet and calf in general. Moreover, this type of problem can also come from minor things in life, mainly wearing improper shoes.

So how can you do your daily activities without worrying about foot pain?

First of all, check your shoes size

Wearing tight shoes can cause pressure on the joints of the foot, it tightens up your muscles and ligaments.  This will cause your foot to stiffen over time. Shoes should fit your feet comfortably with a bit room for movement.

Don’t ask others to buy shoes or buy them online without trying them on first. Each brand has different scales of size measurement. You know your size but there will be always be variations from each brand and model. It is best to try shoes out in person and make sure that there are comfortable spaces between your toes.

Another thing that you should remember is choosing shoes at the end of the day will be the most accurate because after a whole day of pressure and  movement, your feet will actually reach their largest size due to stretching of the ligaments and tendons.

Do not rush when choosing shoes

Spend time carefully trying new shoes. Make sure they do not tighten your arch and toes to prevent joints subluxation or imbalances.

Pay attention to shoe material

Soft material comes first in priority, it will put less pressure on your feet to help prevent foot pain.  The insole should be soft and reactive to pressure.  Now you can even find memory foam insoles for that extra comfortable shoe fit.

Do not over look the sole when buying shoes as well

It should not be too smooth because it can lead to slips and falls that cause serious injuries. Therefore, shoes soles that are designed to rub against the floor for more traction should be chosen to avoid falls.

Furthermore, shoes with very thin soles will not support your ankles and feet properly. Wearing them for a long time can cause foot pain and other muscle / joint problems. Using an added insole would be an effective solution.

Shoe inserts will support your foot better

Shoe inserts will support your foot better

If you have great passion for sports,

Choose shoes that go along well with the sports that you play to help preventing injuries in advance. For instance, if you like running, shoes with air chamber cushions, improve impact to limit the pressure being put on the feet, helping you avoid foot pain. In addition, they should cushion your heels to protect you from sprains, pressure fractures, etc.

Chọn giày phù hợp là giải pháp hữu hiệu phòng tránh đau chân, trật khớp khi chơi thể thao.

Wisely choose the  shoe size will help you prevent foot pain while playing sports

If you’re a fan of high heels, ladies; it can cause problems.

High heels can definitely increase your charisma but you cannot deny that they are one of the main reason that can badly affect your spinal and joint health. Wearing them continuously for a long period of time means your feet have to take a large amount of pressure, limiting blood circulation, causing pain, numbness and fatigue. They also contribute in back and knee problems because the muscles and ligaments are dealing with such a large amount of pressure. Therefore, shoes with soft material and good fitness will be a good choice. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear it constantly during a day. If it is possible, wear slippers or walk bare foot to relax your feet. Massage, yoga or exercise are also good options. It will definitely help blood to circulate better, preventing foot and heel pain.

Try to avoid wearing highheals and taking massage sessions with exersies will reduce foot painTry to avoid wearing high heels and taking massage sessions with exercises will reduce foot pain

This problem is very common but often overlooked by most people. If not treated in time, these pain will keep worsen with time, then finally affect your daily activities. You can reduce all of this by changing bad habits, choosing proper shoes and seeing a chiropractor to relieve joint pressure. The MMT treatment at Maple Healthcare Vietnam Center will help you get rid of your pain problems and live life to the fullest.

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