Sports Medicine Chiropractic Treatment

Some Common injuries related to certain sports:

  • Basketball:  knee sprains, ankle pain, low back disc herniation, plantar fascitis
  • Football: neck strains, knee pain, low back strain, ankle subluxations
  • Tennis:  Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis), tendonitis, shoulder pain, neck pain
  • Golf: Golfers elbow, pelvic imbalance and pain, leg pain and spasms, numbness in the legs, shoulder pain
  • Badminton: wrist pain, elbow and forearm tendonitis, shoulder pain, neck pain
  • Running:  Low back degeneration, knee pain, hip pain, foot pain, sprains and strains

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Running may course some common injuries needing sport medicine treatment.


Sports injuries can happen for many different reasons involving moderate to intense physical activity.

In more intense play often people will get injured through fast collisions and movements. In Vietnam these injuries will often go along with the most popular sports like football or basketball. Fast movement involving running at full speed into each other and falls are just part of the game. Its easy to have intense sprains and strain or the knees and ankles. Injuries like these without treatment can take many months to heal and if not properly corrected they can re-occur over and over until the injury becomes a serious problem.

Intense injuries such as these can interfere with your activity levels or worse can even stop you from playing your favorite sports again

The more moderate level sports activities like Golf, Tennis and Badminton can also cause complex problems even though they are lower intensity sports. The reason these often cause pain and injuries is that they are sports with very repetitive motions and also use one side. Constant small repetitive motions especially using one side of the body will often build up imbalance in the muscular system. These imbalances cause pressure on the nerves and joints and will slowly tighten the muscles in those areas. Eventually the pressure and pain will get so sore that you won’t be able to swing a racquet or club without feeling it. This will usually end with the person stopping their activities all together.

Injuries like this are easily prevented with maintenance Chiropractic adjustments and sports medicine muscle break down therapies

Chiropractic Sports Medicine Treatment

Maple Vietnam’s sports therapy Chiropractors use the best diagnostic, MRI and ultrasound equipment to find out what the problem is and correct it properly with muscle and joint realignment. Our Chiropractic offices use the latest physical medicine techniques and equipment like: Active release technique, Graston Technique, Kinesio Taping, electro-therapy and orthotics to cure the injuries.

Chiropractic Sports Medicine Treatment Maple Vietnam 2

Maple Vietnam’s sports therapy Chiropractors use the best diagnostic to find out what the problem is and correct it properly with muscle and joint realignment.

Most injuries are simple strains of the muscle and tendons which can easily be taken care of using active muscle release, physiotherapy and kinesio taping. Also the use of proper orthotics fitted by Maple Vietnam’s specialists can reduce injuries in the future and help you avoid the normal aches and pains from sports.

Come see a qualified sports therapy doctor at Maple Healthcare Vietnam’s offices. It’s much easier to prevent these problems than treat them so do yourself a favor and don’t wait for the pain to get worse. Doing this as quick as possible will prevent the injuries from becoming worse and you can get back to playing quickly.

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