Chemical Peel Skincare Treatment

Maple Vietnam’s chemical peel skincare treatment is a technique using powerful yet gentle exfoliators to remove the dead cells on the outer layer of the epidermis, erase dullness, acne, and mild discoloration while enhancing skin’s overall tone and texture for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

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Chemical peel skincare treatment remain widely used due to they are relatively inexpensive and their short and long-terms effects are well understood.

How chemical peel skincare treatment works

A solution of a chemical peel agent is applied to the skin and depending on how deeply the chemical penetrated, the agent’s reaction with the skin causes superficial damage and peeling. This procedure will remove dead skin cells from the surface, allows the underneath, healthier skin cells to come through. Your skin is left with a glowing, radiant and much smoother texture afterwards.

There are three basic types of chemical peel skincare treatment: superficial peels (the mildest), medium peels and deep peels. Mild peeling solutions only loosen and remove stratum corneum (the upper part of the epidermis consisting of dead cells), while the stronger ones can affect the entire epidermis and even the upper dermis. The deeper the peel, the greater is the potential for both cosmetic improvement and side effects.

You will need a couple of treatments (minimum of 4) in order to see the optimal results. This procedure generally takes from 30 minutes up to an hour, depends on what type of chemical peel used.

Chemical Peel skincare treatment requires no downtime but it is common to have a brief period of redness, flaking and/ or skin sensitivity after a peel.

Chemical Peel Skincare Treatment Aftercare

Avoid facial massage, sauna and keep a cool, soft compress to alleviate any swelling or bruising for 24 hours.

Please come in to Maple Skincare Vietnam for a full skincare analysis to get your personalized skincare regimen.

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